Friday, June 23, 2017

The Aim of Teaching

The Aim of Teaching

There are various modes of teaching. These include conditioning, training, instruction and indoctrination. These are a kind of teaching (or a part of teaching, i.e., whole teaching process include all these) but not synonym with teaching. Some concepts related to various modes of teaching are as
1. Training helps in shaping conduct and teaching various skills
2. The distinction between training and education may be made through the evaluation of the degree of intelligent behaviour produced by them.
3. Instruction work on a higher footing than conditioning and training as far as the involvement of intellectual powers and modes of teaching are concerned. But they cannot be equated with teaching.
4. Instruction is mainly concerned with the development of knowledge and understanding in an individual which represents one of many objectives of education and teaching.
5. Teaching is aimed towards shaping a total man, while instruction aims only for the development of intellect and affect the cognitive domain of behaviour. Teaching may include or cover instruction.
6. Indoctrination represents a fairly high level of teaching shaping beliefs and ideals. Indoctrination may mean teaching can be done without indoctrination.
To summarize, the aims of teaching with respect to its various modes, are as follows:

Teaching – to bring changes in the behaviour of student.
Conditioning – to improve the learning skills of student.
Training – shaping the behaviour and conduct.
Instruction – Acquisition of knowledge.
Indoctrination – Formation of belief.  

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