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A One-Day Workshop on Writing Research Reports 21st January, 2017

A One-Day Workshop on Writing Research Reports
21st January, 2017AtG.Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science for WomenShaikpet Hyderabad

Dear all,
We are conducting a One-day workshop on Writing  Research Reports –  the stage at which most  research scholars seek  guidance and support to coherently organize their ideas and build sound arguments in their research reports. The workshop is open for the research scholars of all disciplines who are in different stages of their Ph.D work and would like to have their queries addressed during the interactive sessions of the workshop. We would appreciate if the research scholars of various disciplinesacross all the colleges could take advantage of the workshop and take their research work forward.
Attention: ELT@I Members
The term of the existing members of ELTAI Hyderabad Chapter comes to a close. In this regard, we personally request all the ELTAI members to attend the General Body Meeting [GBM] to elect the next office bearers of the ELT@I Hyderabad Chapter.
Aim of the workshop
Many research scholars find the research journey quite challenging and at times frustrating too despite its promising benefits for them. It is challenging because it is cognitively highly demanding, and frustrating, for some, because they lack experience and guidance in documenting the work. This workshop aims to address this concern by raising participants’ awareness to the discourse features of research report as a genre. The workshop would be conducted in two sessions. The first session deals with writing introductions to research reports and the second session focuses on writing research methodology sections in them.
The workshop demonstrates how the text shapes the way it does by dissecting the (exemplar) text to understand its anatomy.  Participants will be made to work on a series of tasks that will enable them to see what they otherwise ignore or overlook while documenting their research. As the time and scope are limited, this would act as a scaffolding to advance the documentation abilities of the participants.
Programme Schedule:
09.00-10.00 AM         :          Registration
10.00-11.30 AM         :          Workshop – Session 1
11.30-12.00 PM          :          High Tea
12.00-01.30 PM           :          Workshop -  Session 2
01.30-02.00 PM          :          Lunch
02.00-03.00 PM          :          Q&As An Open Forum addressing the questions from the participants
                                                by the Resource Persons and Eminent Professors
03.00- 04.00 PM         :          ELT@I Hyderabad Chapter General Body Meeting
04.00PM                     :          Refreshments & Certificate Collection

Registration Fee: Rs.300 includes workshop kit, refreshments, lunch and certificate
The Registration Fee can be paid in hand at the time of Registration. Prior intimation and confirmation is solicited to the mail id:

For queries contact ELTAI Hyderabad Chapter Organising Committee:

 Prof. Julu Sen President                     :9704688058
 Dr. PalleAparnaVice President          : 9848468330
 Mr. K.VenkataramanaSecretary        : 9440687246

Thanking you,
Organising Committee
ELT@I Hyderabad Chapter

Resource Persons:
Dr. JastiAppa swami                                       Dr. G.Suvarna Lakshmi         
Centre for English Language Studies             Department of ELT, SDE
University of Hyderabad                                EFLUniversity – Hyderabad

A One-Day Workshop on Writing Research Reports 21st January, 2017

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